Enka®3D Entangled Mats

Enka 3D Entangled Mats for a wide range of building applications


    The open, resilient structure of Enka3D Entangled Mats is ideal for ventilation, drainage, sound reduction and many other uses.

    Enka technology

    Enka technology

    For over 30 years, we’ve developed pioneering technology to ensure Enka3D Entangled Mats offer the highest quality, reliability and performance. They are ideal for many building and industrial applications, and can meet very specific needs.

    Multiple configurations solve multiple challenges

    We can engineer Enka3D Entangled Mats to produce various profiles, combinations and thicknesses – creating custom specifications for strength, flexibility, air and moisture flow, and compressibility. For even more options, we can bond additional fabrics and foils to one or both sides.

    Multiple configurations solve multiple challenges
    Improving the whole building

    Improving the whole building

    Suitable for all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial buildings, Enka3D Entangled Mats control the effects of water, air, thermal radiation and sound. In roofs, sidewalls, foundation walls and floors, they can reduce energy use, moisture damage, and the need for building maintenance.

    R&D committed to new and better products

    Working with our customers and industry partners, we’re always introducing new variants and applications. We dedicate facilities and staff in the USA and Germany to developing Enka technology – to improve existing products and create new ones.

    R&D committed to new and better products
    Many uses for Enka3D Entangled Mats

    Many uses for Enka3D Entangled Mats

    Our mats are highly effective in ventilation, drainage, protection, cushioning, spacing, sound control, filtering and reinforcement. For example, you can use them in foundation drainage, floors, shingle roofs, metal roofs, rain screens, and green roof vegetation carriers.

    • Lightweight and flexible.
    • Easy to handle.
    • Easy for installers to cut to fit specific shapes.
    • Open structure with 360° flow.
    • Custom characteristics and technical properties.
    • Long rolls.
    EnkaFoundationDrain vertical filter and drainage

    Moisture can be a problem for every building with below-grade foundations. Soil, rainwater, groundwater and improper grading can damage structures – and hydrostatic pressure, caused by water soaking naturally into the soil, makes it hard to maintain a waterproof or even water-resistant building.

    EnkaSonic acoustic floor insulation

    In subfloor systems, our Sonic products help reduce airborne and impact noise. They’re installed between the concrete or wood subfloor and a gypsum or lightweight concrete topping to create a floating floor. The resulting void area isolates noise, preventing it from spreading.

    EnkaWallDrain facade ventilation and drainage

    Our Wall Drain products create an air chamber between the moisture-resistant air barrier and all types of cladding, allowing drainage and evaporation. In commercial or residential applications, they combine the benefits of compressive strength with the spring-like structure of Enka3D Matrix products.

    EnkaRadonVent radon and moisture ventilation

    In a basement or crawl space, EnkaRadonVent intercepts radon before it seeps in, and removes moisture. Its sturdy structure reduces radon by up to 97%, and withstands compression. With a filter fabric, the airspace doesn’t clog. And it’s easy to install, as there’s no need for digging or extra aggregate.

    Enka ExFlo ridge ventilation

    Enka ExFlo vents provide airflow which reduces heat gain and dries out moisture in the attic space. The openness of Enka ExFlo assures proper exhaust ventilation and achieves the appropriate NFA (Net Free Area) needed for good air circulation.

    Applications enabled by this product

    Crawlspace Ventilation

    Floor Sound Proofing

    Horizontal Drainage

    Roof Ventilation

    Vertical Drainage

    Wall Drain

    Thickness: 1-23mm
    Width: 100cm upwards
    Weight: 200-700g/m2
    Polymer types: PA, PP, PET
    Standard colours: black, grey, green and white
    Keeping Campus Roofs Cooler, Quieter And Less Corrosive

    Keeping Campus Roofs Cooler, Quieter And Less Corrosive

    Our underlay helped the University of West Oahu extend the life of its zinc roofs, solving the problem of corrosion and high cooling costs.


    Reduced rooftop temperature


    Less rainfall noise

    Read success story


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