Vertical Drainage

Enkadrain drainage, filtration and protection for foundation drains


Helping foundation drains and cavity drains function more effectively in many kinds of structure.

WHY LOW AND BONAR For Vertical Drainage?

Enkadrain is a highly effective way to keep moisture out of buildings and other structures with below-grade foundations.

Three advantages: drainage, filtration and protection

Enkadrain is a lightweight alternative to sand and aggregate drains, and doesn't clog. Its geotextile filter fabric lets water pass through, but not soil particles, and discharges it before it reaches subsurface walls. So structures stay safe from foundation cracking and interiors are free from mold.

Extremely durable

Enkadrain acts as a protective layer to prevent construction equipment, sharp rock or debris in the soil from damaging the waterproofing membrane.

Environmentally friendly

Enkadrain drainage composites are made of a post-industrial, recycled polypropylene core of fused, entangled filaments, and a geo-composite fabric bonded to one or two sides. These materials can contribute up to 2 LEED points when you use them with other recycled content.

Ideal for many applications

Used in foundations and walls in many structures, Enkadrain conforms to all surface shapes, offers predictable flow rates, and comes in long, wide rolls to save installation costs. It protects waterproofing during and after backfill, does not crack or curl, and provides an excellent bonding surface for shotcrete.


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A Collaborative Approach To Product Upgrade

A Collaborative Approach To Product Upgrade

In a collaborative ‘meeting of minds’, we helped a leading North American OEM (original equipment manufacturer) launch a new product that cost less to produce.

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